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A ”concentration test” is a method we can use to test the effectiveness of Tinyclues targeting while running a more generic mass email.

This test will show Tinyclues effectiveness in targeting likely buyers, and could allow for a reduction in emails sent in your usual mass email campaigns with little effect on performance. 

In addition, this will allow you to make more strategic decisions involving campaigns: instead of sending the campaign to the full-base, we can send to 40% while sending an additional campaign. This will maintain the reach while increasing performance and reducing customer fatigue.


You will use the standard process for generating an audience using Tinyclues, and make sure to use the most relevant option for your target offer.

Make sure to send the same message/creative at the same time to all customers.


Once you start tracking the results, you will break down the results by the decile each customer was placed in according to Tinyclues' model.

We should see a substantial downward slope in the results, with little buyers/KPIs within the later deciles.

This information will allow you to gauge approximately how large your traditional full-base audience should be for this type of campaign. You can then remove X% of customers to be used in more targeted campaigns, as shown below:

The number of targeted campaigns to add will depend on a number of factors, and you should consult with your Customer Success Manager to determine the correct number for you.

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