August 2020

Updates, bug fixes and more on the Tinyclues solution in August 2020.

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📣 Improvements and new features

  • See who created a campaign.

Note: this will only work on newly-created campaigns, not ones created before this release.

  • From the Campaign Details drawer, you will be notified if an Audience Filter / Offer Type / Offer is no longer available (eg. if you clone a campaign and a filter applied isn't possible with the new campaign).

  • When you update the star campaign status, date or name in the Optimize Campaigns pop-up, these will also update in the Overlapping Campaigns section.

  • You can now update tags and update the scheduled date of an exported campaign.

  • You can archive campaigns that have not yet been exported (for campaign manager and team admin)

  • Now, when you delete a tag, a pop-up will tell you how many campaigns this will impact.

  • When you're in a monthly view, you can now click on the week number and be brought directly to that week's Campaign Plan.

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Domain names are now completely visible with a mouse-over.

  • Now you can no longer create an offer when no offer type is selected.

  • Export will now work, even if the easy settings page has never been updated.

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