Shopify allows you have a storefront and customer database for your online shop. By pushing your transactional and customer data into Tinyclues, this strengthens the algorithm and allows us to more accurately predict which customers are most likely to be interested in your offers.

To set up this data transfer between Shopify and Tinyclues, we have developed a connector, which requires a few pieces of information.


  • Tinyclues account

  • Shopify account

Information required by Tinyclues

  • API Key

  • Password

  • Shared Secret

How to get this information

1. Log into your Shopify account.

2. From the Admin page, on the left side, click Apps.

3. Click Manage private apps.

4. Click Create new private app.

5. Name your app and put in an emergency email address.

6. Under ACTIVE PERMISSIONS FOR THIS APP, click on Show inactive Admin API permissions. Several other permissions will appear.

7. Give Read access to both Products and Customers.

8. Scroll down and tick off the box to allow the Storefront API. You don't have to tick anything else off—the default settings are fine.

9. Click Save to generate your access token.

10. Once your token is generated, please copy the following strings of information:

  • API Key

  • Password

  • Shared Secret

You can easily copy these with the clipboard button.

11. Send the strings to Tinyclues securely (eg. password-protected file transfer, encrypted SMS, etc.).


Once set up, your transactional and customer data will automatically be sent to Tinyclues once per day in order to enrich the algorithm and make more accurate predictions on which customers are most likely to be interested in your offers.

You should now have:

✅ Created a new Private app

✅ Given Read access to Product & Customer permissions

✅ Allowed access to the Storefront API

✅ Copied the 3 necessary strings and sent them to Tinyclues

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