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Learn how to import your Tinyclues audiences into Facebook Custom Audiences
Learn how to import your Tinyclues audiences into Facebook Custom Audiences

Documentation for how to connect Tinyclues and Facebook Ads Manager.

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Facebook allows you to import your audiences from Tinyclues into your Custom Audiences in Facebook Ads Manager. In order to share the audiences from Tinyclues to Facebook, we have developed a connector that automates this process between the two solutions.

  • Tinyclues account

  • Facebook ad account

  • Your customer email addresses have been added to your data feeds beforehand
    ➡️ In compliance with GDPR, these must be hashed in SHA 256 (trimming leading and trailing whitespace), with all characters converted to lowercase.

Adding Tinyclues as a Partner

1. Log into Facebook Ads Manager.

2. On the left side, go to Users > Partners.

3. Click on Add in the center of the page.

4. In the Assign partner pop-up, select Business ID.

5. Enter Tinyclues’ business ID to add us as a partner.

➡️ Business ID: 2252590104995721. The Tinyclues partner name will appear as Tinyclues fbads.

6. Switch on the Manage campaigns toggle and click Next.

7. Now you need to assign Tinyclues your assets. On the left side, click Ad accounts.

8. Choose the Ad account that you wish to connect with Tinyclues.

9. Switch on the Manage campaigns toggle and click Save Changes.

10. A pop-up will appear confirming that your assets have been assigned.


After adding Tinyclues as a partner and assigning your assets, there is nothing more to do on the client side. Tinyclues will verify the setup and send a test campaign to ensure that the connection is functioning properly.

Once the setup has been verified, when you execute your campaigns in Tinyclues, they will automatically be sent to your Custom Audience on Facebook.

Through a matching process, Facebook then matches profiles with the hashed email addresses to find customers you can advertise to on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. No personal identifying information is shared between Tinyclues and Facebook.

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