October 2020

Updates, bug fixes and more on the Tinyclues solution in October 2020.

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📣 Improvements and new features

  • Change the date of an exported campaign in the past. Sometimes, your plan changes from the time you export your campaign from Tinyclues and execute it in your ESP or other marketing solution. Now, you can have the most up-to-date plan in Tinyclues to reflect what really happens.

You can simply drag & drop the campaign from one day to another...

...as well as change it with the Campaign Details drawer using the date picker.

  • Audience Insights have been completely revamped. Faster loading time, simplified graphics and tons of pertinent information on your exported campaigns.

What do these Insights help me do?

✅ Visualize which populations you reach the most (age range, gender, etc.)

✅ Compare customers reached by your campaigns (in percentage) vs. the actionable customers in your base

✅ Make more informed decisions for your next marketing campaigns and if needed, adapt your strategy.

These Insights are directly available in the Analytics menu, alongside the Campaign Peformance Dashboard and Activity Dashboard.

  • Delete exported campaigns. If you've exported a campaign but in the end, didn't actually send it to your customers, you can now easily export these campaigns. Simply click on the three dots at the upper right of the campaign card and select Delete Campaign.

  • Revoke user access. For Team Admin roles, you can revoke user access on your own now, without having to ask Tinyclues. Go into Settings > User Management and delete the user(s).

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