November 2020

Updates, bug fixes and more on the Tinyclues solution in November 2020.

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📣 Improvements and new features


For the Team Admin role, you can now do these actions on your own:

  • Delete a user (revoke access). Go to Settings > User Management and select the person you wish to delete.

  • Create a new user on a given domain. Newly invited users will receive an invitation email to set their password before being able to access the platform. Go to Settings > User Management and click the Create User button.

  • Add an existing user to another domain. ⚠️ Please note: these users will not receive an email—they will be able to access the new domain immediately.

Go to your domains at the upper right and select the desired domain. Go to Settings > User Management and click the Create User button.

  • Activate 2-Factor-Authentification to add an extra layer of security if desired. When you activate the toggle, all users with access to the domain will be prompted to provide extra information to verify their identity. Go to Settings > User Management and switch on the toggle.

Please note: Other security layers around password management have also been reinforced, including: 12 character length password requirement, multiple instances of the same password and others.

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Exported campaigns didn't show up as part of their optimization group. They now correctly display their group when you hover over any campaign in the group.

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