February 2021

Updates, bug fixes and more on the Tinyclues solution in February 2021.

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📣 Improvements and new features

  • Re-export campaigns on your own

You can now re-export your already-exported campaigns without asking Tinyclues. Changes happen, this helps you be agile in your campaign planning!

  • Zoom in on the Efficiency Map

You can zoom in by selecting the desired area you want to see larger.

When you're done zooming in, you can reset the zoom with the button in the upper right.

  • New roles for users: Campaign Plan Optimizer & Campaign Contributor

These roles allows users to contribute to the campaign plan without fulling executing it:

  • Campaign Contributor can only create campaigns but not optimize nor export them.

  • Campaign Plan Optimizer can create and optimize campaigns but not export them.

This is particularly useful for larger organizations, where it is common to have multiple team members contribute to the plan, without the the responsibility of validating it.

All roles can be modified in Settings > User Management

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Revenue currency on the Efficiency Map now matches your domain configuration.

  • Month to week navigation—your week numbers and dates will behave properly now! 😉

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